JET Recycling America, Inc. (JRA) - Where Every Grade Counts

JRA offers a unique recycling machine technology engineered to process all seven codes of commingled plastic waste. The JRA process transforms mixed, unsorted plastic waste into versatile, durable, environmentally safe and economically profitable end products.

JRA is more than just an industrialized solution for commingled plastic waste. Through the JRA Machine process a profitable turn-key business opportunity is now available in the Americas. JRA can provide not only the recycling systems, but also the products, and the marketing and sales support to ensure successful recycling operations.

The management team and advisory board of JRA include professionals from diverse business backgrounds — scientists, technical experts, and executives from product development, marketing and sales, finance, government administration and law.

JRA is the exclusive patent holder for the most advanced machine technology in the Americas for the recycling of waste plastics into high value new products and can handle sales and operations in certain other regions meeting our criteria.

An older form of this technology was previously used in Europe, where recycling is more generally advanced and practiced than the Americas. JRA is now bringing this unique machine technology in an advanced form to the Americas and to the world's largest producer of plastic waste -- the USA..

JRA believes that the ideal way to handle plastic waste is to put the recycling systems as close as possible to where the waste is collected and disposed. By providing product molds, marketing and sales, JRA makes recycling a practical and far more profitable operation for municipal waste management operations and their contractors. Even existing, conventional recycling operators can increase profits with JRA.

Plastic waste is a huge environmental problem that can be turned to a great economic opportunity with the right technology. The shrinking offshore market for most plastic waste is increasing the need for an economically viable solution for recycling all grades of plastic.

JRA is that solution

The videos below show examples of the JRA technology in use around the world.

EKOKEM: Towards a Circular Economy

Seaport Boardwalk, Launceston Tasmania

Melbourne school installs sports equipment made of recycled plastic

Dawn Fraser School in Sydney Harbor uses recycled plastic to upgrade

Syntal Canada recycles plastic

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